Advance of a pawn from its game-array square to promotion.

See also: Slow Excelsior.

Semenenko, Oleksandr

A. Kirichenko-60 JT, 2015

4th-5th Prize

Example: Excelsior
h#5.5  (2+13)

1...e4 2.Be3 exf5 3.a1=B fxe6 4.Bad4 exf7 5.Ba7 fxe8=Q 6.Beb6 Qc8#

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FEN: 1n2r3/5p2/kbn1r3/pb3p2/8/3p1q2/p3P3/4K3

Trautner, Rolf

Die Schwalbe, 1960

Example: Excelsior
h#7  (2+4)

1.c1=S Kg8 2.Sb3 axb3 3.g1=B b4 4.Bc5 bxc5 5.a2 c6 6.a1=R c7 7.Ra7 c8=Q#

Slow Excelsior.

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FEN: k6K/8/8/8/8/p7/P1p3p1/8

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