Departure effect

The effect induced when a piece vacates its departure square (e.g., line opening, unblock).

The effect can be evaluated considering these things:

Helpmate Analyzer only considers the positive effects of moves.

See also: Arrival effect.

Feather, Christopher John

Moultings 2, 1991

Example: Departure effect
h#2 2.1... (6+7)

1.Qh8 Bd3 2.e5 Rd5#
1.Qg8 Be2 2.f5 Re5#

Departure effects:
B1 - Direct unpin, Unguard of mating line,
W1 - Line opening for guarding,
B2 - Unguard of mating square.
Arrival effects:
B1 - Hideaway,
W1 - Interference / anticipatory unguard of mating square,
W2 - Check.

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FEN: 2q5/p7/P3pp2/k7/N1BRR3/8/2K5/3rr3

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