Cyclic place exchange

Three or more pieces cyclically change their places in a single line of play.

See also: Place exchange.

Alias: Cyclic Platzwechsel.

Loustau, Jean-Marc

Ideal-Mate Review, 1986


Example: Cyclic place exchange
h#7  (2+7)

1.Sc7 Kf1 2.Kd5 Kg2 3.Bd6 Kg3 4.c5 Kf4 5.Sc6+ Kxe3 6.e5 Kd3 7.Se6 e4#

Cyclic place exchange of 6 black pieces (kbsspp).

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FEN: 8/8/2pkp3/2bnn3/8/4p3/4P3/4K3

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