Cycle of unpins

At least three pieces of one side are cyclically unpinned by the other or same side in pairs in different phases.

Gadjanski, Borislav

Sahovska kompozicija, Liga Problemista, 1993

1st Place

Example: Cycle of unpins
h#3 3.1... (7+15)

1.Qb2 Rxb2 2.S3e4 Bxc5+ 3.Bd4 Rb3#
1.Qxa5 Bxa5 2.Sd3 Rxe5+ 3.Se4 Bb6#
1.Bg4 Rxd8 2.Bd4 Rxc3+ 3.Sd3 Re8#

Cyclic unpins of black pieces Sc3, Be5, and Sc5 on W1 and B2.

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FEN: 3rR3/2K5/1B1p1p2/P1nPbP1b/1p3p2/qRn1kp2/3prp2/8

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Páros, György

Magyar Sakkelet, BTSB, 1962

1st Prize

Example: Cycle of unpins
h#2 3.1... (7+10)

1.Sf2 e3 2.Bf3 Re5#
1.Sf4 Rd5 2.bxc5 Sxc5#
1.Kd4 Sf2 2.Sgf6 e3#

Cyclic unpins of white P, R, and S on first and second halfmove.

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FEN: 8/3q2p1/1p5b/2P3Rn/1pP1k1n1/1P1N4/3KP2r/7b

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