Azemmour 6 theme

In the helpmate (h#1-6.5), six pieces of different kinds (K, Q, R, B, S, and P) make exactly one move in one solution or in different solutions. Thematic pieces can be white, black, or both colors.

This is the theme of the 6th Azemmour TT (Ohrid, 2018).

Shorokhov, Boris

Azemmour TT-6, Ohrid, 2018

4th HM

Example: Azemmour 6 theme
h#6 b) bSc1→g5  (3+14)

a) 1.Rxd2 Kxd2 2.f6 Ke3 3.Sf7 Kxf3 4.Ke6 Ke4 5.Qe7 f4 6.Bd7 f5#
b) 1.Rxf2 Kxf2 2.Qc7 Ke3 3.Sd7 Kxd3 4.Kc6 Kc4 5.b6 d4 6.Bb7 d5#

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FEN: 2b5/1p1q1p2/3p4/p2kn3/8/1p1p1p2/r2P1P1r/2n1K3

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