Anticipatory half-pin

The black king steps to the half-pin line after one of the black pieces has vacated the line. Two reciprocal anticipatory indirect self-pins are required.

See also: Half-pin; Anticipatory self-pin.

Janevski, Zhivko

Die Schwalbe, 1985

4th Prize

Example: Anticipatory half-pin
h#2 b) bPe6→d6  (7+9)

a) 1.Bb8 Rc6+ 2.Kb5 c4#
b) 1.Bg8 Bc6 2.Kc5 Bf2#

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FEN: r1RKB2r/n3n3/1k2pq2/3bbR2/8/1PP5/8/4B3

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